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Our School

We take pride in our famous teaching traditions & achievements. There's no place like Nobelhouse College with dedicated teachers and a friendly environment.

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Why Choose Us?

We offer an international curriculum embracing Nigerian history and culture, challenging all stakeholders to achieve personal fulfillment in any given talent and promoting the development of self discipline.

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Activities & Club

We have arranged a wide range of activities for our students to discover their talents and fully develop their potentials. We encourage them to never stop improving.

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Our certification has a high value of recognition and quality guarantee across the country. Students graduated from NHC can be immediately accepted by some universities.

Educating next generation of

World Class Leaders

Imagine a school that empowers students to proactively influence the ‘seven mountains’ within their sphere of influence: government, business, family, religion, education, media, entertainment and arts!








Apply For Admission

Online entrance assessments for 2022-23 will continue throughout the year. Please complete the application form after which a time and date for the online entrance assessment will be arranged.

We do not just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in a career, we help them succeed in their career – to discover a field they are passionate about and dare to lead the way.

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