Our curriculum is an integrated British and Nigerian curriculum. The students sit the Cambridge International Checkpoints and IGCSE examination. We provide support classes for the JAMB examination. The teaching methodology employed at the school is aimed at average to exceptional students. The academic standards maintained are high and demand rigorous involvement from the students and teachers. Minimum promotion benchmarks are set for students, for promotion from one class to the next. Benchmarks are either general or individual, depending on a student's ability.


At Nobelhouse College, our co-curricular programme is as important as an excellent grade. Our focus, is in the development of the init talents of every child. Through club entities such as drama, Fencing, Music, Soccer, Swimming , Tennis, and Golf, students are able to pursue their dreams. Our curriculum is structured to allow every child reflect on their level and range of commitment outside the classroom and the key attributes they are gaining as a result. The programme of activities promotes acquisition of basic skill as well as sportsmanship and fair play, self-confidence, enjoyment, a healthy lifestyle, teamwork and communal spirit, commitment and learning to cope with competition