Learning Resource Center

Our Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is in the heart of the college campus. This is a superb and innovative building that has been designed to inspire and attract students. Its welcoming environment has areas for relaxed reading as well as a large study area. It has generous shelving and storage areas, Librarian’s office, different collections’ corners, a flexible reading area, a Teaching area, 2 ICT Rooms, Reprographic Department, and 100 internet/networked computers.

Our library team encourages reading for the sheer joy of it – whether a story that transports us to other realms or a text that informs us about new ideas or perspectives, we enjoy helping students select reading texts that will engage and challenge them as well as improve the quality of research skills at each level of student development.

The icing on the cake is that students can also belong to the NHC’s Readers Club where we meet once a week and have an “open workshop” one day a week, after school.